Facebook with more data control update to ‘Transfer your information’ Tool


Now facebook is bringing a change in ‘Transfer your information’ tool which will make it easier to deal with its features. It would be easier for the users to download and transfer the Facebook info. 

Facebook explanation 

Facebook is providing data control to the related people. As Facebook is working to rebuild data portability. It will help to update the user experience improvements which includes Photobucker and Google calendar along with Facebook events. It will make easier data transfer options along with the dedicated date range tools and control data transfers. 

One can transfer their facebook photos, videos, posts and much more. To transfer the information through the ‘Transfer your Information’ tool there are six following easy steps. 

  1. First of all select ‘Your Facebook Information’ in your Facebook Setting. 
  2. Then select ‘Transfer a copy of your information’.
  3. Then choose a destination.
  1. Choose what to transfer. 
  2. Authenticate.
  3. Start Transfer.

This new option will help to manage Facebook data and ongoing development of tools. There was initially a transfer of facebook photos and videos for Google to store and reuse. Then Dropbox and Koofr are added and then Facebook posts and notes too. Now users can deal with text-based data to Google docs, Bloggers, WordPress this year. 

It will make users switch between platforms and understand stores on platforms.