Telegram and video calls, a 1000 people can join but there is a catch


After the outbreak of the pandemic, video calling was trending all over the globe for most of the basic things. Usually, for the video conferencing platform there was Zoom that became popular all of sudden. It has become the most popular because of its speciality of connecting up to 100 participants to join a video call. 

Video Calling

In this post-pandemic era, where video calls are as essential as Whatsapp messages. Video calling usually plays a vital role to deal with the meeting, wedding or even funeral. Nowadays due to Social distancing people can not gather in one place. To support the event and to make more and more people watch the event video calling is the need of hours. 

Limit for video calling on Telegram

Telegram has become the most popular and competing Whatsapp. It has announced the update which enables 1000 people to be together to watch anything. The limit for group video calls or broadcasts will remain 30. Telegram claims that they will update the app until all humans on earth can join one call. 

Rivals Offer

Zoom basic and the free plan is to support 100 participants. While Microsoft Skype offers support to 50 participants and Teams allows 100 participants normally which can be extended up to 300. Google Meet supports 100 participants to join a video call while 32 are allowed for Google Duo.