Twitter, update about not being able to sign in with Apple ID or Google Account


Boost Digital Marketing always provides you with minor updates about what’s happening in the world. Twitter will not allow you to sign in with the Apple ID or Google account. It was announced on Tuesday this week, it could save one to remember another password. 

Twitter Support announcement 

Twitter Support has announced the new sign-in page for the platform along with additional options. One has a choice of using Google Account on Twitter app and browser. However Apple users can use it in iOS with the web. Launching of new features are called Passkeys in iCloud Keychain previously in June. This thing allowed signing up online platforms by using Face ID or touch rather than password. 

It will make you think about using a password manager instead as it would be convenient enough. It is so important to deal with issues of privacy and data-gathering. 

We recommend our clients before signing into Twitter always change your Apple ID password or your Google Account.